[TESTS] Fix node::operator< in time_antipode.cpp.
[ginac.git] / ginsh / ginsh_parser.ypp
2022-02-06 Vitaly MageryaAdd "series_to_poly" to ginsh.
2022-01-01 Richard KreckelFinalize 1.8.2 release. release_1-8-2
2021-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2020-10-10 Stefan WeinzierlAdded new routines for the numerical evaluation of...
2020-05-18 Richard Kreckel[C++20] Disambiguate std::integral concept and GiNaC...
2020-05-18 Richard Kreckel[C++20] Clean up using-declarations.
2020-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2019-02-16 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2018-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2017-01-09 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2016-04-05 Richard KreckelMerge branch 'c++11' in preparation for version 1.7.0.
2016-02-25 Richard KreckelUse C++11 'auto' and range-based for loops where possible.
2016-02-22 Richard KreckelUse C++11 'nullptr' where applicable.
2016-01-28 Richard KreckelRemove 'level' argument of normal().
2016-01-28 Richard KreckelRemove 'level' argument of evalf().
2016-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2016-01-01 Richard KreckelHappy New Year!
2015-12-16 Richard KreckelMake .eval() evaluate top-level only.
2015-11-26 Richard KreckelUse initializer lists to construct container<>, lst.
2015-11-26 Richard KreckelMake ample use of the contextual keyword 'override'.
2015-11-03 Richard KreckelUse C++11 range-based foor loops and auto, where possible.
2015-01-25 Richard KreckelHappy new year!
2014-10-14 Richard KreckelUpdate copyright statements.
2014-10-14 Richard KreckelThe FSF has moved (long ago).
2013-08-11 Richard Kreckel[build] fix ginsh build for automake <=1.11.
2013-07-31 Richard KreckelFix build from git repository.