synced to 1.2
[ginac.git] / INSTALL
2001-11-05 Richard Kreckel* Remove timing for -O0, people really shouldn't use it.
2001-10-27 Richard Kreckel* Headers only include <iosfwd> from now on, since...
2001-10-26 Richard Kreckel* Remove support for <strstream>. It is too bug-ridden.
2001-09-20 Richard Kreckel- Explain what's going on with <sstream>.
2001-06-07 Richard Kreckel- don't recomment EGCS any more, it's crappy.
2001-06-06 Richard Kreckel- config.*: updated from FSF.
2001-05-07 Richard Kreckel* Updated Cint status.