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struct  equal_to< GiNaC::ex >
 Specialization of std::equal_to() for ex objects. More...
struct  hash< GiNaC::ex >
 Specialization of std::hash() for ex objects. More...
struct  less< GiNaC::ptr< T > >
 Specialization of std::less for ptr<T> to enable ordering of ptr<T> objects (e.g. More...


void swap (GiNaC::ex &a, GiNaC::ex &b)
 Specialization of std::swap() for ex objects. More...

Function Documentation

◆ swap()

void std::swap ( GiNaC::ex a,
GiNaC::ex b 

Specialization of std::swap() for ex objects.

Definition at line 991 of file ex.h.

References GiNaC::ex::swap().

Referenced by GiNaC::su3f::eval_indexed(), GiNaC::su3d::eval_indexed(), GiNaC::matrix::markowitz_elimination(), and GiNaC::permutation_sign().

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