GiNaC 1.8.7
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inifcns.cpp File Reference

Implementation of GiNaC's initially known functions. More...

#include "inifcns.h"
#include "ex.h"
#include "constant.h"
#include "lst.h"
#include "fderivative.h"
#include "matrix.h"
#include "mul.h"
#include "power.h"
#include "operators.h"
#include "relational.h"
#include "pseries.h"
#include "symbol.h"
#include "symmetry.h"
#include "utils.h"
#include <stdexcept>
#include <vector>

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class  GiNaC::symbolset


namespace  GiNaC


static ex GiNaC::conjugate_evalf (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::conjugate_eval (const ex &arg)
static void GiNaC::conjugate_print_latex (const ex &arg, const print_context &c)
static ex GiNaC::conjugate_conjugate (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::conjugate_expl_derivative (const ex &arg, const symbol &s)
static ex GiNaC::conjugate_real_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::conjugate_imag_part (const ex &arg)
static bool GiNaC::func_arg_info (const ex &arg, unsigned inf)
static bool GiNaC::conjugate_info (const ex &arg, unsigned inf)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (conjugate_function, eval_func(conjugate_eval). evalf_func(conjugate_evalf). expl_derivative_func(conjugate_expl_derivative). info_func(conjugate_info). print_func< print_latex >(conjugate_print_latex). conjugate_func(conjugate_conjugate). real_part_func(conjugate_real_part). imag_part_func(conjugate_imag_part). set_name("conjugate","conjugate"))
static ex GiNaC::real_part_evalf (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::real_part_eval (const ex &arg)
static void GiNaC::real_part_print_latex (const ex &arg, const print_context &c)
static ex GiNaC::real_part_conjugate (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::real_part_real_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::real_part_imag_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::real_part_expl_derivative (const ex &arg, const symbol &s)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (real_part_function, eval_func(real_part_eval). evalf_func(real_part_evalf). expl_derivative_func(real_part_expl_derivative). print_func< print_latex >(real_part_print_latex). conjugate_func(real_part_conjugate). real_part_func(real_part_real_part). imag_part_func(real_part_imag_part). set_name("real_part","real_part"))
static ex GiNaC::imag_part_evalf (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::imag_part_eval (const ex &arg)
static void GiNaC::imag_part_print_latex (const ex &arg, const print_context &c)
static ex GiNaC::imag_part_conjugate (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::imag_part_real_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::imag_part_imag_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::imag_part_expl_derivative (const ex &arg, const symbol &s)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (imag_part_function, eval_func(imag_part_eval). evalf_func(imag_part_evalf). expl_derivative_func(imag_part_expl_derivative). print_func< print_latex >(imag_part_print_latex). conjugate_func(imag_part_conjugate). real_part_func(imag_part_real_part). imag_part_func(imag_part_imag_part). set_name("imag_part","imag_part"))
static ex GiNaC::abs_evalf (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::abs_eval (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::abs_expand (const ex &arg, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::abs_expl_derivative (const ex &arg, const symbol &s)
static void GiNaC::abs_print_latex (const ex &arg, const print_context &c)
static void GiNaC::abs_print_csrc_float (const ex &arg, const print_context &c)
static ex GiNaC::abs_conjugate (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::abs_real_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::abs_imag_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::abs_power (const ex &arg, const ex &exp)
bool GiNaC::abs_info (const ex &arg, unsigned inf)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (abs, eval_func(abs_eval). evalf_func(abs_evalf). expand_func(abs_expand). expl_derivative_func(abs_expl_derivative). info_func(abs_info). print_func< print_latex >(abs_print_latex). print_func< print_csrc_float >(abs_print_csrc_float). print_func< print_csrc_double >(abs_print_csrc_float). conjugate_func(abs_conjugate). real_part_func(abs_real_part). imag_part_func(abs_imag_part). power_func(abs_power))
static ex GiNaC::step_evalf (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::step_eval (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::step_series (const ex &arg, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::step_conjugate (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::step_real_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::step_imag_part (const ex &arg)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (step, eval_func(step_eval). evalf_func(step_evalf). series_func(step_series). conjugate_func(step_conjugate). real_part_func(step_real_part). imag_part_func(step_imag_part))
static ex GiNaC::csgn_evalf (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::csgn_eval (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::csgn_series (const ex &arg, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::csgn_conjugate (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::csgn_real_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::csgn_imag_part (const ex &arg)
static ex GiNaC::csgn_power (const ex &arg, const ex &exp)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (csgn, eval_func(csgn_eval). evalf_func(csgn_evalf). series_func(csgn_series). conjugate_func(csgn_conjugate). real_part_func(csgn_real_part). imag_part_func(csgn_imag_part). power_func(csgn_power))
static ex GiNaC::eta_evalf (const ex &x, const ex &y)
static ex GiNaC::eta_eval (const ex &x, const ex &y)
static ex GiNaC::eta_series (const ex &x, const ex &y, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::eta_conjugate (const ex &x, const ex &y)
static ex GiNaC::eta_real_part (const ex &x, const ex &y)
static ex GiNaC::eta_imag_part (const ex &x, const ex &y)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (eta, eval_func(eta_eval). evalf_func(eta_evalf). series_func(eta_series). latex_name("\\eta"). set_symmetry(sy_symm(0, 1)). conjugate_func(eta_conjugate). real_part_func(eta_real_part). imag_part_func(eta_imag_part))
static ex GiNaC::Li2_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::Li2_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::Li2_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::Li2_series (const ex &x, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::Li2_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (Li2, eval_func(Li2_eval). evalf_func(Li2_evalf). derivative_func(Li2_deriv). series_func(Li2_series). conjugate_func(Li2_conjugate). latex_name("\\mathrm{Li}_2"))
static ex GiNaC::Li3_eval (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (Li3, eval_func(Li3_eval). latex_name("\\mathrm{Li}_3"))
static ex GiNaC::zetaderiv_eval (const ex &n, const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::zetaderiv_deriv (const ex &n, const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (zetaderiv, eval_func(zetaderiv_eval). derivative_func(zetaderiv_deriv). latex_name("\\zeta^\\prime"))
static ex GiNaC::factorial_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::factorial_eval (const ex &x)
static void GiNaC::factorial_print_dflt_latex (const ex &x, const print_context &c)
static ex GiNaC::factorial_conjugate (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::factorial_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::factorial_imag_part (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (factorial, eval_func(factorial_eval). evalf_func(factorial_evalf). print_func< print_dflt >(factorial_print_dflt_latex). print_func< print_latex >(factorial_print_dflt_latex). conjugate_func(factorial_conjugate). real_part_func(factorial_real_part). imag_part_func(factorial_imag_part))
static ex GiNaC::binomial_evalf (const ex &x, const ex &y)
static ex GiNaC::binomial_sym (const ex &x, const numeric &y)
static ex GiNaC::binomial_eval (const ex &x, const ex &y)
static ex GiNaC::binomial_conjugate (const ex &x, const ex &y)
static ex GiNaC::binomial_real_part (const ex &x, const ex &y)
static ex GiNaC::binomial_imag_part (const ex &x, const ex &y)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (binomial, eval_func(binomial_eval). evalf_func(binomial_evalf). conjugate_func(binomial_conjugate). real_part_func(binomial_real_part). imag_part_func(binomial_imag_part))
static ex GiNaC::Order_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::Order_series (const ex &x, const relational &r, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::Order_conjugate (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::Order_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::Order_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::Order_power (const ex &x, const ex &e)
static ex GiNaC::Order_expl_derivative (const ex &arg, const symbol &s)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (Order, eval_func(Order_eval). series_func(Order_series). latex_name("\\mathcal{O}"). expl_derivative_func(Order_expl_derivative). conjugate_func(Order_conjugate). real_part_func(Order_real_part). imag_part_func(Order_imag_part). power_func(Order_power))
ex GiNaC::lsolve (const ex &eqns, const ex &symbols, unsigned options=solve_algo::automatic)
 Factorial function. More...
const numeric GiNaC::fsolve (const ex &f, const symbol &x, const numeric &x1, const numeric &x2)
 Find a real root of real-valued function f(x) numerically within a given interval. More...


unsigned GiNaC::force_include_tgamma = tgamma_SERIAL::serial
unsigned GiNaC::force_include_zeta1 = zeta1_SERIAL::serial

Detailed Description

Implementation of GiNaC's initially known functions.

Definition in file inifcns.cpp.

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