GiNaC 1.8.7
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GiNaC::zeta1_SERIAL Class Reference

Complex conjugate. More...

#include <inifcns.h>

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static unsigned serial

Detailed Description

Complex conjugate.

Real part. Imaginary part. Absolute value. Step function. Complex sign. Eta function: log(a*b) == log(a) + log(b) + eta(a, b). Sine. Cosine. Tangent. Exponential function. Natural logarithm. Inverse sine (arc sine). Inverse cosine (arc cosine). Inverse tangent (arc tangent). Inverse tangent with two arguments. Hyperbolic Sine. Hyperbolic Cosine. Hyperbolic Tangent. Inverse hyperbolic Sine (area hyperbolic sine). Inverse hyperbolic Cosine (area hyperbolic cosine). Inverse hyperbolic Tangent (area hyperbolic tangent). Dilogarithm. Trilogarithm. Derivatives of Riemann's Zeta-function. Multiple zeta value including Riemann's zeta-function.

Definition at line 109 of file inifcns.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ serial

unsigned GiNaC::zeta1_SERIAL::serial
Initial value:
= function::register_new(function_options("zeta", 1).
static unsigned register_new(function_options const &opt)
Definition: function.cpp:2243
static ex zeta1_eval(const ex &m)
static void zeta1_print_latex(const ex &m_, const print_context &c)
static ex zeta1_evalf(const ex &x)
static ex zeta1_deriv(const ex &m, unsigned deriv_param)

Definition at line 109 of file inifcns.h.

Referenced by GiNaC::zeta().

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