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ex.h File Reference

Interface to GiNaC's light-weight expression handles. More...

#include "basic.h"
#include "ptr.h"
#include <functional>
#include <iosfwd>
#include <iterator>
#include <memory>
#include <stack>

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class  GiNaC::library_init
 Helper class to initialize the library. More...
class  GiNaC::ex
 Lightweight wrapper for GiNaC's symbolic objects. More...
class  GiNaC::const_iterator
struct  GiNaC::internal::_iter_rep
class  GiNaC::const_preorder_iterator
class  GiNaC::const_postorder_iterator
struct  GiNaC::ex_is_less
struct  GiNaC::ex_is_equal
struct  GiNaC::op0_is_equal
struct  GiNaC::ex_swap
class  GiNaC::pointer_to_map_function
class  GiNaC::pointer_to_map_function_1arg< T1 >
class  GiNaC::pointer_to_map_function_2args< T1, T2 >
class  GiNaC::pointer_to_map_function_3args< T1, T2, T3 >
class  GiNaC::pointer_to_member_to_map_function< C >
class  GiNaC::pointer_to_member_to_map_function_1arg< C, T1 >
class  GiNaC::pointer_to_member_to_map_function_2args< C, T1, T2 >
class  GiNaC::pointer_to_member_to_map_function_3args< C, T1, T2, T3 >
struct  std::hash< GiNaC::ex >
 Specialization of std::hash() for ex objects. More...
struct  std::equal_to< GiNaC::ex >
 Specialization of std::equal_to() for ex objects. More...


namespace  GiNaC
namespace  GiNaC::internal
namespace  std


bool GiNaC::are_ex_trivially_equal (const ex &e1, const ex &e2)
 Compare two objects of class quickly without doing a deep tree traversal. More...
std::ostream & GiNaC::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const exvector &e)
std::ostream & GiNaC::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const exset &e)
std::ostream & GiNaC::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const exmap &e)
size_t GiNaC::nops (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::expand (const ex &thisex, unsigned options=0)
ex GiNaC::conjugate (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::real_part (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::imag_part (const ex &thisex)
bool GiNaC::has (const ex &thisex, const ex &pattern, unsigned options=0)
bool GiNaC::find (const ex &thisex, const ex &pattern, exset &found)
bool GiNaC::is_polynomial (const ex &thisex, const ex &vars)
int GiNaC::degree (const ex &thisex, const ex &s)
int GiNaC::ldegree (const ex &thisex, const ex &s)
ex GiNaC::coeff (const ex &thisex, const ex &s, int n=1)
ex GiNaC::numer (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::denom (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::numer_denom (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::normal (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::to_rational (const ex &thisex, exmap &repl)
ex GiNaC::to_polynomial (const ex &thisex, exmap &repl)
ex GiNaC::collect (const ex &thisex, const ex &s, bool distributed=false)
ex GiNaC::eval (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::evalf (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::evalm (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::eval_integ (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::diff (const ex &thisex, const symbol &s, unsigned nth=1)
ex GiNaC::series (const ex &thisex, const ex &r, int order, unsigned options=0)
bool GiNaC::match (const ex &thisex, const ex &pattern, exmap &repl_lst)
ex GiNaC::simplify_indexed (const ex &thisex, unsigned options=0)
ex GiNaC::simplify_indexed (const ex &thisex, const scalar_products &sp, unsigned options=0)
ex GiNaC::symmetrize (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::symmetrize (const ex &thisex, const lst &l)
ex GiNaC::antisymmetrize (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::antisymmetrize (const ex &thisex, const lst &l)
ex GiNaC::symmetrize_cyclic (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::symmetrize_cyclic (const ex &thisex, const lst &l)
ex GiNaC::op (const ex &thisex, size_t i)
ex GiNaC::lhs (const ex &thisex)
ex GiNaC::rhs (const ex &thisex)
bool GiNaC::is_zero (const ex &thisex)
void GiNaC::swap (ex &e1, ex &e2)
ex GiNaC::subs (const ex &thisex, const exmap &m, unsigned options=0)
ex GiNaC::subs (const ex &thisex, const lst &ls, const lst &lr, unsigned options=0)
ex GiNaC::subs (const ex &thisex, const ex &e, unsigned options=0)
template<class T >
bool GiNaC::is_a (const ex &obj)
 Check if ex is a handle to a T, including base classes. More...
template<class T >
bool GiNaC::is_exactly_a (const ex &obj)
 Check if ex is a handle to a T, not including base classes. More...
template<class T >
const T & GiNaC::ex_to (const ex &e)
 Return a reference to the basic-derived class T object embedded in an expression. More...
void std::swap (GiNaC::ex &a, GiNaC::ex &b)
 Specialization of std::swap() for ex objects. More...


static library_init GiNaC::library_initializer
 For construction of flyweights, etc. More...
const basic * GiNaC::_num0_bp

Detailed Description

Interface to GiNaC's light-weight expression handles.

Definition in file ex.h.

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