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Replace use of NULL by C++11 nullptr.
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2015-11-01 Richard KreckelReplace use of NULL by C++11 nullptr.
2015-11-01 Richard KreckelRemove dependence on depreacted std::auto_ptr<T>.
2015-02-08 Vladimir V. KisilExplicit derivation of functions.
2015-01-25 Richard KreckelHappy new year!
2014-10-14 Richard KreckelUpdate copyright statements.
2013-10-16 Vladimir V. KisilMake it possible to override info() for functions.
2013-10-16 Vladimir V. KisilFunctions can define a custom expand() now.
2012-07-17 Alexei SheplyakovConvert function.pl into C++ (well, almost) source...