GiNaC 1.8.7
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inifcns_trans.cpp File Reference

Implementation of transcendental (and trigonometric and hyperbolic) functions. More...

#include "inifcns.h"
#include "ex.h"
#include "constant.h"
#include "add.h"
#include "mul.h"
#include "numeric.h"
#include "power.h"
#include "operators.h"
#include "relational.h"
#include "symbol.h"
#include "pseries.h"
#include "utils.h"
#include <stdexcept>
#include <vector>

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namespace  GiNaC


static ex GiNaC::exp_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::exp_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::exp_expand (const ex &arg, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::exp_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::exp_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::exp_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::exp_conjugate (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::exp_power (const ex &x, const ex &a)
static bool GiNaC::exp_info (const ex &x, unsigned inf)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (exp, eval_func(exp_eval). evalf_func(exp_evalf). info_func(exp_info). expand_func(exp_expand). derivative_func(exp_deriv). real_part_func(exp_real_part). imag_part_func(exp_imag_part). conjugate_func(exp_conjugate). power_func(exp_power). latex_name("\\exp"))
static ex GiNaC::log_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::log_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::log_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::log_series (const ex &arg, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::log_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::log_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::log_expand (const ex &arg, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::log_conjugate (const ex &x)
static bool GiNaC::log_info (const ex &x, unsigned inf)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (log, eval_func(log_eval). evalf_func(log_evalf). info_func(log_info). expand_func(log_expand). derivative_func(log_deriv). series_func(log_series). real_part_func(log_real_part). imag_part_func(log_imag_part). conjugate_func(log_conjugate). latex_name("\\ln"))
static ex GiNaC::sin_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::sin_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::sin_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::sin_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::sin_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::sin_conjugate (const ex &x)
static bool GiNaC::trig_info (const ex &x, unsigned inf)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (sin, eval_func(sin_eval). evalf_func(sin_evalf). info_func(trig_info). derivative_func(sin_deriv). real_part_func(sin_real_part). imag_part_func(sin_imag_part). conjugate_func(sin_conjugate). latex_name("\\sin"))
static ex GiNaC::cos_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::cos_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::cos_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::cos_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::cos_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::cos_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (cos, eval_func(cos_eval). info_func(trig_info). evalf_func(cos_evalf). derivative_func(cos_deriv). real_part_func(cos_real_part). imag_part_func(cos_imag_part). conjugate_func(cos_conjugate). latex_name("\\cos"))
static ex GiNaC::tan_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::tan_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::tan_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::tan_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::tan_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::tan_series (const ex &x, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::tan_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (tan, eval_func(tan_eval). evalf_func(tan_evalf). info_func(trig_info). derivative_func(tan_deriv). series_func(tan_series). real_part_func(tan_real_part). imag_part_func(tan_imag_part). conjugate_func(tan_conjugate). latex_name("\\tan"))
static ex GiNaC::asin_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::asin_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::asin_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::asin_conjugate (const ex &x)
static bool GiNaC::asin_info (const ex &x, unsigned inf)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (asin, eval_func(asin_eval). evalf_func(asin_evalf). info_func(asin_info). derivative_func(asin_deriv). conjugate_func(asin_conjugate). latex_name("\\arcsin"))
static ex GiNaC::acos_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::acos_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::acos_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::acos_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (acos, eval_func(acos_eval). evalf_func(acos_evalf). info_func(asin_info). derivative_func(acos_deriv). conjugate_func(acos_conjugate). latex_name("\\arccos"))
static ex GiNaC::atan_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::atan_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::atan_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::atan_series (const ex &arg, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::atan_conjugate (const ex &x)
static bool GiNaC::atan_info (const ex &x, unsigned inf)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (atan, eval_func(atan_eval). evalf_func(atan_evalf). info_func(atan_info). derivative_func(atan_deriv). series_func(atan_series). conjugate_func(atan_conjugate). latex_name("\\arctan"))
static ex GiNaC::atan2_evalf (const ex &y, const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::atan2_eval (const ex &y, const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::atan2_deriv (const ex &y, const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static bool GiNaC::atan2_info (const ex &y, const ex &x, unsigned inf)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (atan2, eval_func(atan2_eval). evalf_func(atan2_evalf). info_func(atan2_info). evalf_func(atan2_evalf). derivative_func(atan2_deriv))
static ex GiNaC::sinh_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::sinh_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::sinh_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::sinh_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::sinh_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::sinh_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (sinh, eval_func(sinh_eval). evalf_func(sinh_evalf). info_func(atan_info). derivative_func(sinh_deriv). real_part_func(sinh_real_part). imag_part_func(sinh_imag_part). conjugate_func(sinh_conjugate). latex_name("\\sinh"))
static ex GiNaC::cosh_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::cosh_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::cosh_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::cosh_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::cosh_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::cosh_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (cosh, eval_func(cosh_eval). evalf_func(cosh_evalf). info_func(exp_info). derivative_func(cosh_deriv). real_part_func(cosh_real_part). imag_part_func(cosh_imag_part). conjugate_func(cosh_conjugate). latex_name("\\cosh"))
static ex GiNaC::tanh_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::tanh_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::tanh_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::tanh_series (const ex &x, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::tanh_real_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::tanh_imag_part (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::tanh_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (tanh, eval_func(tanh_eval). evalf_func(tanh_evalf). info_func(atan_info). derivative_func(tanh_deriv). series_func(tanh_series). real_part_func(tanh_real_part). imag_part_func(tanh_imag_part). conjugate_func(tanh_conjugate). latex_name("\\tanh"))
static ex GiNaC::asinh_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::asinh_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::asinh_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::asinh_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (asinh, eval_func(asinh_eval). evalf_func(asinh_evalf). info_func(atan_info). derivative_func(asinh_deriv). conjugate_func(asinh_conjugate))
static ex GiNaC::acosh_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::acosh_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::acosh_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::acosh_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (acosh, eval_func(acosh_eval). evalf_func(acosh_evalf). info_func(asin_info). derivative_func(acosh_deriv). conjugate_func(acosh_conjugate))
static ex GiNaC::atanh_evalf (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::atanh_eval (const ex &x)
static ex GiNaC::atanh_deriv (const ex &x, unsigned deriv_param)
static ex GiNaC::atanh_series (const ex &arg, const relational &rel, int order, unsigned options)
static ex GiNaC::atanh_conjugate (const ex &x)
 GiNaC::REGISTER_FUNCTION (atanh, eval_func(atanh_eval). evalf_func(atanh_evalf). info_func(asin_info). derivative_func(atanh_deriv). series_func(atanh_series). conjugate_func(atanh_conjugate))

Detailed Description

Implementation of transcendental (and trigonometric and hyperbolic) functions.

Definition in file inifcns_trans.cpp.

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