GiNaC 1.8.7
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indexed.h File Reference

Interface to GiNaC's indexed expressions. More...

#include "exprseq.h"
#include "wildcard.h"
#include <map>

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class  GiNaC::indexed
 This class holds an indexed expression. More...
class  GiNaC::spmapkey
class  GiNaC::scalar_products
 Helper class for storing information about known scalar products which are to be automatically replaced by simplify_indexed(). More...


namespace  GiNaC


typedef std::map< spmapkey, ex > GiNaC::spmap


exvector GiNaC::get_all_dummy_indices (const ex &e)
 Returns all dummy indices from the exvector. More...
exvector GiNaC::get_all_dummy_indices_safely (const ex &e)
 More reliable version of the form. More...
ex GiNaC::rename_dummy_indices_uniquely (exvector &va, const ex &b, bool modify_va=false)
 Returns b with all dummy indices, which are listed in va, renamed if modify_va is set to TRUE all dummy indices of b will be appended to va. More...
ex GiNaC::rename_dummy_indices_uniquely (const ex &a, const ex &b)
 Returns b with all dummy indices, which are common with a, renamed. More...
ex GiNaC::rename_dummy_indices_uniquely (const exvector &va, const exvector &vb, const ex &b)
 Same as above, where va and vb contain the indices of a and b and are sorted. More...
lst GiNaC::rename_dummy_indices_uniquely (const exvector &va, const exvector &vb)
 Similar to above, where va and vb are the same and the return value is a list of two lists for substitution in b. More...
ex GiNaC::expand_dummy_sum (const ex &e, bool subs_idx=false)
 This function returns the given expression with expanded sums for all dummy index summations, where the dimensionality of the dummy index is a nonnegative integer. More...

Detailed Description

Interface to GiNaC's indexed expressions.

Definition in file indexed.h.

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