[GiNaC-list] is ginac thread safe for this case?

Alexei Sheplyakov alexei.sheplyakov at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 11:22:30 CEST 2010


On Sat, Jun 12, 2010 at 07:01:47PM -0400, Cristobal Navarro wrote:

> will ginac be thread safe for this case?

GiNaC is not thread safe. Therefore one can use GiNaC only from one thread.
> 1) threads access diferent expressions which are independant
> 2) each thread will increase the expression its working in.. for example
> thread1...expression1 += x+y      thread2.... expression2 += 2*x.... and so
> on.
> 2) no function evaluation is done never.
> 3) however, all expressions share the same global symbols ( eg, expressions
> made of global symbols x and y ).
> 4) threads access the same common matrix of expressions, but two threads
> will never access the same cell.

None of these is going to work. Most likely your program will segfault or
give some bizzare results.

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