[GiNaC-list] cl_F_idecode.cc line 30 ?

Chris Bouchard cbouchrd at illinois.edu
Wed Jul 30 00:09:39 CEST 2008

I've since been able to archive an expression whose length is
~1200 lines... I'm at a loss.

The only difference between the expressions that generate
the error and the ones that don't seems irrelevant, but here
it is.  Based on the code fragment:

ex c = TwoLoop2Pt(...); // c.nops() = 2
ex numeric = c.op(0); //returned for numerical integration
ex analytic = c.op(1); //returned for analytic use, f(eps,...)
ex ana_series = analytic.series(eps==0,2);
ex ana_0 = ana_series.coeff(eps,0);
ex ana_1 = ana_series.coeff(eps,-1);
ex ana_2 = ana_series.coeff(eps,-2);

numeric doesn't work (~1200 lines)
ana_0 doesn't work (~1200 lines)
ana_1 works (~1200 lines)
ana_2 works (~600 lines)

I guess there's either something fundamentally different 
between ana_0 and ana_1 (seems unlikely since they come from
the same expression, c.op(1)) or there's a critical 
expression length right around 1200 lines.

Perhaps some knowledge about cl_F_idecode.cc would help?

Chris Bouchard

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>Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 16:08:22 -0500 (CDT)
>From: Chris Bouchard <cbouchrd at illinois.edu>  
>Subject: [GiNaC-list] cl_F_idecode.cc line 30 ?  
>To: GiNaC discussion list <ginac-list at ginac.de>
>GiNaC mailing list,
>I've run across an error with a notification request.  The
>error occurs while trying to archive an expression.  The
>error and request are:
>"Internal error: statement in file 
>./float/misc/cl_F_idecode.cc, line 30 has been reached!!
>Please send the authors of the program a description how you 
>produced this error!"
>The file cl_F_idecode.cc is in the cln library and a snippet
>is given here, with a comment indicating line 30:
>namespace cln {
>const cl_idecoded_float integer_decode_float (const cl_F& x)
>	floatcase(x
>	,	return integer_decode_float(x);
>	,	return integer_decode_float(x);
>	,	return integer_decode_float(x);
>	,	return integer_decode_float(x);
>	);  // this is line 30
>After playing around with my archive code I'm beginning to
>think the error occurs when the expression being archived
>becomes too long.  I haven't nailed down a critical
>expression length but 27 lines works while ~1200 lines 
>generated the error.  
>I can't think of anything else that's changing.  
>The expressions are individual terms from series expansions 
>of expressions returned from xloops function calls (eg.
>TwoLoop2Pt(...)) and don't contain any noticeably offensive
>Chris Bouchard
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