[GiNaC-list] Problem using a user-defined class on Mac OS X.

Chris.Dams at mi.infn.it Chris.Dams at mi.infn.it
Tue Apr 3 11:27:54 CEST 2007

Hello again,

> I seem to be having a problem [...] the static member
> class_info<registered_class_options>::first is (besides inside the GiNaC
> dynamic library) also created within my executable.

I now solved this by creating a file class_info.cpp (given below). Shall I
add this file to the CVS? I'm really rather ignorant on linker issues.

Best wishes,

#include "class_info.h"
#include "registrar.h"

namespace GiNaC

template <> class_info<registered_class_options>
   *class_info<registered_class_options>::first = NULL;
template <> bool class_info<registered_class_options>::parents_identified
   = false;

template <> class_info<print_context_options>
   *class_info<print_context_options>::first = NULL;
template <> bool class_info<print_context_options>::parents_identified
   = false;


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