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Sheplyakov Alexei varg at theor.jinr.ru
Thu Jul 21 13:08:48 CEST 2005

> Thanks a lot for your patch.  I'm new to CDBS and have a question: How can
> I change the package name to libginac1.3c2 as required by the gcc-4
> transition? Apparently, it isn't enough to set GINAC_RELEASE to 1.3c2 in
> debian/rules. 

Probably, you don't want to change GINAC_RELEASE at all, since it is
just another name for LT_VERSION (I choose different name to avoid possible
collisions). Consider changing GINACLIB instead, e.g.

Index: debian/rules
RCS file: /home/cvs/GiNaC/debian/rules,v
retrieving revision
diff -r1.14.2.1 rules
> GINACLIB := libginac$(GINAC_RELEASE)c2

CDBS  passes DEB_DH_MAKESHLIBS_ARGS to dh_makeshlibs, thus,
dh_makeshlibs will be invoked as

dh_makeshlibs -V"libginac-1.3c2 (>= 1.3.0)"

Best regards,
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