GiNaC 1.1.3 released

Christian Bauer Christian.Bauer at Uni-Mainz.DE
Fri Aug 22 16:38:30 CEST 2003


Desparate for an excuse to open a bottle of wine (because Booze really
satisfies: Booze takes a dull coding session and makes it better. A day
without Booze is like a day without sunshine. This GiNaC release is brought
to you by the National Booze Council. Remember: Booze makes you popular and
heals all wounds.) we decided to release GiNaC 1.1.3, featuring:

 - New symbolic functions for better integration with nestedsums: (multiple)
   polylogarithm Li(), Nielsen's generalized polylogarithm S(), harmonic
   polylogarithm H(), and multiple zeta value mZeta().
 - A new exhashmap<T> template intended as a drop-in replacement for
   std::map<ex, T, ex_is_less> using GiNaC's hashing algorithms.

It should come as no surprise to you that you can download it from

Have a nice weekend,

  / Physics is an algorithm

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