Problem with expand()

Tatiana Zolo zolo at
Thu Feb 28 11:42:58 CET 2002

We have a few questions about GinaC's behaviour.

For our purposes, it would be useful to have a slightly more general
form of expand that takes care of non-ambiguous iterated exponentials,
as in the case


which we would like to see in the form

2^(3*x)   or even   8^x

We understand that there are cases when this should not be done
automatically, but we believe that this is an instance when there
is no harm in simplifying since 2 is a positive real number and
there is no question of complex numbers being involved. A "real"
version of expand would be very useful for us.

Do you plan to add these features to a future release of GiNaC?

Thank you very much. Best wishes

Alessandro Zaccagnini
Tatiana Zolo

purrs developers,
at the University of Parma, Italy

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