ginsh installation problem

Wolfgang Abele abele at
Tue Jul 3 09:04:12 CEST 2001

> Another solution would be to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
> variable to include the directory where CLN library is located.  This
> would allow you to move CLN easier.

Thank you, Ben, for your quick answer! I set that variable, and my 
cln program runs fine now

Here's my next problem: I cannot install Ginac: After I enter 'make', gcc 
2.96 outputs numerous warnings such as

/usr/local/include/readline/rltypedefs.h:73: `rl_intfunc_t` declared with an 
exception specification

and eventually stops with error messages;

ginsh_parser.yy:769: 'filename_completion_function' undeclared
ginsh_parser.yy:769: 'completion_matches' undeclared
ginsh_parser.yy:824: 'cannot convert char **(+) () 'to char **(*) in (const 
char *, int, int) assignment

I have readline 4.2.


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