Planning to use GiNaC

Roberto Bagnara bagnara at
Thu Dec 6 12:30:35 CET 2001

Hi there,

here at the University of Parma we are about to start a project
on automatic program complexity analysis.  Part of our work will
consist in developing a solver for several classes of recurrence
relations.  From a superficial look at the GiNaC web pages we
gathered the impression that your library would significantly
simplify our job, since representation, manipulation, simplification
and matching of symbolic expression would be readily available.
Do you know of anyone using GiNaC to do something similar
to what we have in mind?
Any advice you would like to give to someone embarking in such
an adventure?
Thanks a lot,


Roberto Bagnara
Computer Science Group
Department of Mathematics, University of Parma, Italy
mailto:bagnara at

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