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Richard B. Kreckel kreckel at
Tue Sep 19 14:57:28 CEST 2000

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Tilman Utz wrote:
> trying the  ./configure command again, these errormessages disappear...
> After executing about half an hour of the Makefile, make stops editing a
> bunch of errors like:
> ../src/.libs/libcln.a(cl_F_extendsqrtx.o)(.text+0x611)
> unde
> fined reference to `_GLOBAL_$D$cl_module__cl_ieee__firstglobalfun'
> ../src/.libs/libcln.a(cl_LF_scale_I.o)(.text+0x532)
> undefined
> reference to `_GLOBAL_$I$cl_module__cl_ieee__firstglobalfun'
> ../src/.libs/libcln.a(cl_LF_scale_I.o)(.text+0x539)
> undefined
> reference to `_GLOBAL_$D$cl_module__cl_ieee__firstglobalfun'
> ../src/.libs/libcln.a(cl_F_floor22.o)(.text+0x4a6)
> undefined re
> ference to `_GLOBAL_$I$cl_module__cl_ieee__firstglobalfun'
> These occur while the Linker (ld is a linker, isn't it?) is working

Just a guess: have you switched off all optimizations?  You should compile
it at least with -O (equivalent to -O1).

> Within Linux I'm slightly better off. Although I get the config.log
> errors like above, too, making, checking and installing cln and Ginac
> works without obvious errors. The GiNaC tests are passed, too, compiling
> the example program from the GiNaC documentation, works too, but
> executing the file results in the error that is not
> found (although it's in /usr/local/lib).

Well, just export LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to /usr/local/lib.

Sorry, I can't help with the window$-related questions.

Richard Kreckel
<Richard.Kreckel at Uni-Mainz.DE>

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