GiNaC 0.6.4 is on the wire.

Richard B. Kreckel kreckel at ThEP.Physik.Uni-Mainz.DE
Thu Aug 10 16:49:25 CEST 2000

Hello, folx!

I justed tagged GiNaC 0.6.4 and uploaded it to the usual places.  No new
functionality was introduced.  During the last weeks we ran the complete
check-suite thousands of times and were somewhat surprised to find a  
couple of nasty bugs.  Those have been killed and now the check-suite
doesn't seem to find any more.  Until somebody decides to re-introduce

Here is the entry from the NEWS file:

* Complete revamp of methods in class matrix.  Some redundant (and poor)
  implementations of elimination schemes were thrown out.  The code is now
  highly orthogonal, more flexible and much more efficient. 
* Some long standing and quite nasty bugs were discovered and fixed in
  the following functions:  add::normal(), heur_gcd(), sr_gcd() and
  Order_eval() (thanks to Bernard Parisse).

Richard B. Kreckel
<kreckel at>

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