GiNaC with gcc for win32

Billinghurst, David (CRTS) David.Billinghurst at
Thu Aug 10 01:45:49 CEST 2000

GiNaC and cln build out of the box with little (or no) problem on NT4 SP5
using recent cygwin.  One of the tests fails occasionally.  May be lack of
memory - 128 MB doesn't seem enough these days.  My laptop is at home, so I
don't have the details.  Let me know if you have any problems

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> Subject:	GiNaC with gcc for win32
> Hello all,
> Is it possible to build the GiNaC and cln libraries to libraries which
> can be used for win32 applications?
> I read in the FAQ that it should work with the cygwin package, but as I
> am a newbie on this topic I don't really know how to proceed, e.g. do I
> have to change the makefiles of the cln or GiNaC package.
> Thanks to everyone who is able to answer this maybe trivial question
> Tilman
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