Can't compile ginsh

Gunnar.Isaksson at Gunnar.Isaksson at
Mon Dec 13 10:32:01 CET 1999

"EXT AVS; \"Richard B. Kreckel\"" wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Dec 1999 Gunnar.Isaksson at wrote:
> > I have compiled GiNaC on a Debian Linux Potato box.
> Congrats!
> > The library compiled OK and I have successfully tested a few examples
> > from the tutorial with correct result.
> >
> > However I can't get ginsh to compile, it fails on Any
> > tips/patches?
> No patches.  Probably you have switched on -ansi or -pedantic at your
> compiler's flags?  What happens is that the header files for libreadline2
> (which is the version on Debian Potato) are broken from a C++ point of
> view.  If you don't force your compiler to be too picky about that it will
> compile.  (Don't worry, Matthias Klose who is the libreadline maintainer
> for Debian has reassured that he will package libreadline 4.1 as soon as
> it comes out and libreadline 4.0 if 4.1 doesn't appear in December.  4.0
> compiles even with gcc -ansi -pedantic.)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

The problem was that the header files for libreadline wasn't installed
at all on my PC. When that got fixed, I was able to compile ginsh without
any problems.

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