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Wed Dec 1 19:03:13 CET 1999

>>>>> "Richard" == Richard B Kreckel <kreckel at> writes:

    Richard> On 1 Dec 1999 nbecker at wrote:
    >> It would be nice to add an option to tell configure where to find cln
    >> includes and lib.
    >> Lacking that, it should be documented that this will work:
    >> CPPFLAGS=/usr/local/include ./configure
    Richard>            ^-- a -I is missing here
    Richard> Shouldn't your compiler check this directory anyways?  Strange it doesn't.
    Richard> BTW, this *is* documented in the tutorial's section about configuration
    Richard> with the only difference in path: CPPFLAGS="${CPPFLAGS} -I${HOME}/include"

No.  Starting with gcc-2.95 (IIRC) it won't automatically look in
/usr/local/include.  On systems (such as linux) where gcc is the
native compiler, installed with --prefix=/usr, /usr/local/include is
no longer automatically checked.

    Richard> Exactly as I did, except that we use includedir=/usr/local/include/CLN
    Richard> here.  I guess the uppercase spelling is depricated by some people out
    Richard> there.  In acinclude.m4 the Macro GINAC_CHECK_CLN_H does attempt to do
    Richard> exactly this but the macro AC_CHECK_HEADERS puts it result in uppercase
    Richard> always so there is no nice Autoconf-way to distinguish between cln/cln.h 
    Richard> and CLN/cln.h.  Hope you can live with that.  Maybe a future version of
    Richard> CLN does this.

I didn't notice that GiNaC looks for CLN/ until after installing cln,
so I just put a symlink from CLN->cln.

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