Updated documentation for multiple polylogarithms
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2003-12-01 Jens VollingaUpdated documentation for multiple polylogarithms
2003-12-01 Jens Vollinga* Fixed bug in example
2003-11-20 Christian Bauerfixed typo
2003-11-18 Christian Bauermention the "dummy()" function option
2003-11-03 Jens VollingaSynced nested sums functions documentation to HEAD
2003-11-03 Christian Baueradded a section on adding new output formats
2003-10-30 Christian Bauerlocation of C++ FAQ Lite has changed
2003-10-17 Christian Baueradded docs for new-style printing system
2003-09-30 Christian BauerImplemented the Blitz++ trick to allow the initializati...
2003-09-04 Christian Baueradded a note about expressions in STL containers
2003-09-04 Christian Bauermention the subs(exmap &) form
2003-09-02 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-08-25 Christian Bauer- documented numeric::to_int()/to_long()/to_double...
2003-08-24 Christian Bauersome functions that took a "const symbol &" now take...
2003-08-14 Jens Vollingasynced to 1.2
2003-08-06 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-07-21 Christian Bauersubs_no_pattern -> no_pattern, subs_algebraic -> algebraic
2003-07-11 Christian Bauerdescribe ex_is_less and ex_is_equal
2003-07-11 Christian Bauersynced to 1.1
2003-07-04 Christian Baueradded 'structure' to class list
2003-07-02 Christian Bauermerging 1.2 branch into main trunk
2003-02-20 Christian Bauerexpanded the section on adding symbolic functions to...
2003-02-19 Christian Bauerupdated the section about lists
2003-02-19 Christian Baueradded a section about automatic evaluation
2003-02-05 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2003-01-21 Christian Bauerprepared for 1.0.13 release
2003-01-06 Christian Bauerfixed description of find() behavior
2002-12-03 Christian Bauerfixed some typos
2002-11-21 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2002-11-21 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2002-11-20 Christian Bauerdocumentation update (Clifford algebra)
2002-09-18 Richard Kreckel* Fix citation.
2002-08-05 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2002-07-12 Christian Bauerdocumentation update
2002-05-13 Christian Bauermentioned the imaginary unit 'I'
2002-03-06 Christian Bauerupdated the description of degree()/ldegree()
2002-02-28 Christian Bauerfixed typos in examples
2002-01-25 Richard Kreckel* Finilize version 1.0.4 (version numbers, copyrights... release_1-0-4
2002-01-11 Richard Kreckel* Document the rounding behavior as dicussed on ginac...
2001-11-18 Richard Kreckel* Change section about Square-free decomposition reflec...
2001-11-06 Richard Kreckel* Really remove silly acronyms. The fucking network... release_1-0-0
2001-11-06 Richard Kreckel* Removed @acronym{}, it looks silly.
2001-10-29 Richard Kreckel* Mention it's configure.ac now, not configure.in.
2001-10-29 Christian BauerThe last 3 evaluated expressions in ginsh are now refer...
2001-10-27 Richard Kreckel* Headers only include <iosfwd> from now on, since...
2001-10-26 Richard Kreckel* Ran through ispell.
2001-09-03 Christian Baueradded a section about error handling
2001-08-22 Christian Bauerupdated my_print2(): every find*() method of archive_no...
2001-08-14 Richard Kreckel- Remove the -ansi compiler switch in the example since...
2001-07-31 Christian Bauerupdated for new behaviour of dirac_slash() and epsilon...
2001-07-31 Richard Kreckel- fixed example of evalf-function.
2001-07-23 Richard Kreckel- added Knuth as useful reference.
2001-07-23 Christian Baueradded another map_function example
2001-06-30 Richard Kreckel- fix typo.
2001-06-27 Christian Baueradded note about the necessity of dirac_ONE()/color_ONE()
2001-06-26 Richard Kreckel* Ctors of class numeric are not explicit any more...
2001-06-25 Christian Bauer- documented map(), find(), and new symmetry specificat...
2001-06-16 Richard Kreckel* Supplement some (now deprecated) macros by inlined...
2001-06-11 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2001-06-09 Christian Bauer- added lst::remove_first() and lst::remove_last()
2001-06-07 Richard Kreckel- some concept index tags.
2001-06-07 Christian Baueradded section about matrices
2001-06-06 Christian Bauer- mentioned that powers of matrices are not automatical...
2001-06-01 Christian Bauer- list delimiters are now { }, matrix delimiters are...
2001-06-01 Christian Bauer- mentioned numer_denom()
2001-05-28 Christian Bauerdocumented symmetrize() and antisymmetrize()
2001-05-25 Christian Bauermentioned ncpow()
2001-05-25 Christian Bauerfixed typos
2001-05-25 Christian Baueradded section "Pattern matching and advanced substituti...
2001-05-24 Christian Bauer- first implementation of pattern matching
2001-05-21 Christian Bauer- mentioned dummy index renaming
2001-05-18 Christian Bauercorrected typo
2001-05-11 Christian Bauerdirac_trace() now takes three arguments
2001-05-10 Christian Baueradded documentation for spinidx, spinor_metric() and...
2001-04-24 Richard Kreckel* Example: Don't confuse users with _ex0().
2001-04-16 Richard Kreckel* Documented print_latex.
2001-04-10 Christian Bauerarchive property example uses propinfovector
2001-04-09 Christian Bauer- updated to reflect the extended possibilities of...
2001-04-06 Christian Bauerupdated with respect to new print() method
2001-04-02 Christian Bauerdegree(), ldegree(), coeff(), lcoeff(), tcoeff() and...
2001-03-24 Richard Kreckel* Documented sqrfree. release_0-8-0
2001-03-23 Richard Kreckel* Tidied some old crap.
2001-03-23 Christian Bauersimplify_indexed() recognizes linear combinations of...
2001-03-22 Christian Bauersums of indexed matrices are now possible
2001-03-21 Christian Bauerthe tensor returned by metric_tensor() is symmetric
2001-03-19 Christian Baueradded tutorial section about indexed objects
2001-02-20 Christian Baueradded a section about adding new algebraic classes...
2001-02-17 Richard KreckelFix typos.
2001-02-04 Richard KreckelExplain the branch-cut conventions in some more detail.
2001-01-22 Richard Kreckel- See if __GNUC__ < 2.97 before using std::vector<...
2000-12-15 Richard Kreckel- Some minor fixes.
2000-12-08 Richard Kreckel- Eduardo Kalinowskis documentation add-on.
2000-10-24 Richard Kreckel- Corrected use of macro AM_PATH_GINAC.
2000-08-10 Richard Kreckel- Complete revamp of methods in class matrix. Some...
2000-07-26 Richard Kreckel- Bumped up version to 0.6.3. release_0-6-3
2000-07-26 Richard Kreckel- Made determinant_algo (in flags.h) really work.
2000-07-21 Richard Kreckel- Derivatives are now assembled in a slightly different...
2000-04-29 Richard Kreckel- documented info_flags::algebraic.
2000-04-20 Richard Kreckel- New figure classhierarchy.fig, which we all know...
2000-04-20 Christian Bauer- fixed typos