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gcd_pf_mul: get rid of duplicate code.
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2008-08-21 Alexei SheplyakovFaster, better (recursive descent) expression parser.
2008-08-09 Alexei SheplyakovAny complex number can be (un)archived properly.
2008-02-25 Richard Kreckel* Version 1.5.
2007-08-31 Jens VollingaPreparing for release.
2007-03-29 Richard Kreckel* Use pkg-config for detecting CLN, advertise it in...
2006-08-14 Jens VollingaFixed generation of tutorial and reference in html...
2006-02-14 Chris DamsFixed problems on 64-bit machines and introduced has_op...
2005-12-07 Jens VollingaAdded compile function.
2005-12-06 Jens VollingaNew directory for GiNaC examples.
2005-11-04 Richard Kreckel* Avoid getrusage(2) on systems that don't have it...
2005-10-20 Christian Bauerfixed URLs and stuff
2005-07-01 Jens VollingaModernized configuration files [A.Sheplyakov].
2005-02-05 Richard Kreckel* Bumped minor versions.
2004-08-11 Christian Bauersynced to 1.2 (documentation building)
2004-03-22 Christian Bauerbumped version number of HEAD to 1.3
2003-11-20 Christian Baueradded pkg-config support
2003-08-26 Christian Bauerbumped archive version number because of added attribut...
2003-07-02 Christian Bauermerging 1.2 branch into main trunk
2003-03-01 Christian Bauerfinalized 1.0.14 release_1-0-14
2003-01-21 Christian Bauerprepared for 1.0.13 release
2002-10-30 Christian Bauerfinalize release 1.0.12 release_1-0-12
2002-09-18 Richard Kreckel* Finalize version 1.0.11. release_1-0-11
2002-07-24 Richard Kreckel* AUTHORS: Add Chris Dams as contributor of patches. release_1-0-10
2002-06-11 Richard Kreckel* Insert date and bump patchlevel. release_1-0-9
2002-03-28 Richard Kreckel* Bump up version, keep INTERFACE_AGE at zero.
2002-03-08 Richard Kreckel* Bump version (early, but I don't want to forget to...
2002-03-04 Richard KreckelPrepare for release 1.0.6:
2002-01-27 Richard Kreckel* Bump up versions to 1.0.5, adjust dates.
2002-01-25 Richard Kreckel* Finilize version 1.0.4 (version numbers, copyrights... release_1-0-4
2001-12-21 Richard Kreckel* Adjust for 1.0.3. release_1-0-3
2001-12-19 Richard Kreckel* Huh, huh...
2001-11-22 Richard Kreckel* Bump version number. release_1-0-1
2001-11-05 Richard Kreckel* Bump up version, fix typos.
2001-10-29 Christian Bauer- renamed configure.in to configure.ac as suggested...