descriptionCLN - Class Library for Numbers
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last changeMon, 19 Oct 2020 18:36:33 +0000 (20:36 +0200)
CLN - Class Library for Numbers. See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.
34 hours ago Richard KreckelRemove internal inline versions of numerator/denominato... master
44 hours ago Richard KreckelReplace unused macro with cl_unused.
2 days ago Richard KreckelAssume types 'long long int' and 'long double' exist.
9 days ago Richard KreckelFix configury (intptr_t test) for cross-compilation.
2020-01-01 Richard KreckelMove factorial check from test section to exam section...
2020-01-01 Alexey SheplyakovFixed factorial calculation on 64-bit windows.
2019-12-05 Richard KreckelFinalize CLN 1.3.6 release. cln_1-3-6
2019-12-04 Alexey SheplyakovCommit 2f799401454292 (`Replace typedef int[<negative...
2019-11-18 Richard Kreckel[DOC] Shorten copyright years, also on PDF.
2019-11-18 Bruno HaibleFix long-standing bug in the "signed" variants of fprin...
2019-11-18 Bruno Haibletest_I_io now succeeds on native Windows.
2019-11-17 Richard KreckelFinalize CLN 1.3.5 release. cln_1-3-5
2019-11-17 Richard KreckelRestore ABI from version 1.3.4.
2019-11-05 Richard KreckelShip
2019-11-01 Richard KreckelAvoid "this statement may fall through" warnings.
2019-11-01 Richard KreckelDelete allocation and deallocation operators that are...
10 months ago cln_1-3-6
11 months ago cln_1-3-5
6 years ago cln_1-3-4
7 years ago cln_1-3-3 CLN releaes 1.3.3.
9 years ago cln_1-3-2
11 years ago cln_1-3-1 Finalize release 1.3.1.
11 years ago cln_1-3-0 CLN release 1.3.0.
12 years ago cln_1-2-2
12 years ago cln_1-2-1
12 years ago cln_1-2-0
14 years ago cln_1-1-13
14 years ago cln_1-1-12
14 years ago cln_1-1_maintenance-branchpoint
14 years ago cln_1-1-11
15 years ago cln_1-1-10
15 years ago cln_1-1-9
34 hours ago master
14 years ago cln_1-1