descriptionCLN - Class Library for Numbers
ownergit service
last changeWed, 27 Apr 2022 09:21:34 +0000 (11:21 +0200)
CLN - Class Library for Numbers. See the INSTALL file for installation instructions.
2022-04-27 Richard KreckelRemove ARM asm implementation of divu_6432_3232_(). master
2022-04-26 Richard KreckelReally use umull insn on ARM V7 and newer.
2022-04-25 Richard KreckelRemove support for Watcom C++ compiler.
2022-04-25 Richard KreckelRemove all #if-def'ed out code regarding mulusmall_loop...
2022-04-23 Richard KreckelDisable ARM asm implementation of divu_6432_3232_().
2022-04-23 Richard KreckelFix ARM implementation of mulusmall_loop_up(digit,...
2022-04-23 Richard KreckelModernize ARM assembler.
2021-11-05 Richard KreckelUpdate and clean up autoconf template files.
2021-11-04 Richard KreckelFix linking errors on some compilers.
2021-02-21 Richard KreckelAvoid linker error on MinGW...
2021-02-01 Richard KreckelFix some comments about undocumented functions in publi...
2021-02-01 Richard KreckelRemove some unused configuration macros.
2021-02-01 Richard KreckelMove GETVAL macro from acinclude.m4 to m4/getval.m4.
2021-01-07 Alexey SheplyakovINSTALL.CMake: proper installation command
2021-01-07 Alexey Sheplyakovbuild/CMake: defined `long_long_(big|little)_endian...
2021-01-07 Alexey Sheplyakovbuild/autotools: fixed CL_VERSION substitution in cln...
2 years ago cln_1-3-6
2 years ago cln_1-3-5
7 years ago cln_1-3-4
8 years ago cln_1-3-3 CLN releaes 1.3.3.
11 years ago cln_1-3-2
12 years ago cln_1-3-1 Finalize release 1.3.1.
12 years ago cln_1-3-0 CLN release 1.3.0.
14 years ago cln_1-2-2
14 years ago cln_1-2-1
14 years ago cln_1-2-0
15 years ago cln_1-1-13
15 years ago cln_1-1-12
16 years ago cln_1-1_maintenance-branchpoint
16 years ago cln_1-1-11
16 years ago cln_1-1-10
17 years ago cln_1-1-9
3 weeks ago master
15 years ago cln_1-1