[GiNaC-list] custom print function for GiNaC::add and GiNaC::mul for deterministic printing

Diddens, Christian (UT-TNW) c.diddens at utwente.nl
Tue Oct 12 11:33:53 CEST 2021

Dear Vladimir,

thanks for your answer.

I think it will work and this would be my fallback, but it will convert
each expair in an ex, which I then have to check again for the sign of
the coefficient, or whether it is a negative power in mul, and so on.

I just wanted to make sure a priori whether there is a better way
directly working on the expairs, but if not, I'll go over the op() of

Best regards,


Am Dienstag, dem 12.10.2021 um 09:25 +0000 schrieb Vladimir V. Kisil:
> 	Dear Christian,
> 	Just a quick question: why does expairseq::op() method
>   (inherited by sums and muls, I think) will not work for you?
>   Best wishes,
>   Vladimir

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