[GiNaC-list] archive/unarchive on functions with a variable number of arguments

Vladimir V. Kisil V.Kisil at leeds.ac.uk
Mon Apr 6 14:23:29 CEST 2020

	Dear All,

	It seems there is indeed an issue with archiving zeta2, since
  both versions has the same name (it may be similar issues with other
  overloaded function names). I do not know what is zeta, but I am
  attaching a patch fixing it. To have the same printout of the function
  as before, a new function zeta2_print_dflt() has to be introduced.

  Best wishes,
Vladimir V. Kisil                 http://www.maths.leeds.ac.uk/~kisilv/
  Book:     Geometry of Mobius Transformations     http://goo.gl/EaG2Vu
  Software: Geometry of cycles          http://moebinv.sourceforge.net/
  Jupyter: https://github.com/vvkisil/MoebInv-notebooks
>>>>> On Tue, 31 Mar 2020 04:42:05 +0000, Feng Feng <f.feng at outlook.com> said:

    FF> Hi all,

    FF> I came across a problem about the archive and unarchive on
    FF> functions with a variable number of arguments.  for example, the
    FF> following c++ code produces the output: zeta(10,x) :>
    FF> 1/93555*Pi^10.  it seems that the unarchive just return
    FF> zeta(10).

    FF> Best regards!  Feng

    FF> //---

    FF>     symbol x("x"); ex zx = zeta(10,x);
    FF>     archive ar_out; ar_out.archive_ex(zx, "zx"); ofstream
    FF> out("tmp.gar"); out << ar_out; out.close();
    FF>     lst syms = {x}; archive ar_in; ifstream in("tmp.gar"); in >>
    FF> ar_in; in.close();
    FF>     cout << zx << " :> " << ar_in.unarchive_ex(syms,"zx") <<
    FF> endl;

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