[GiNaC-list] How to differentiate from a Tensor?

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On 7/14/17, Vladimir V. Kisil <kisilv at maths.leeds.ac.uk> wrote:
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>     EE> Dear all, What is right way to have something like \(
>     EE> \frac{\partial A^{i}_{jk}}{\partial x} \)? Indeed, I defined a
>     EE> tensor "A~i.j.k" and want to differentiate from it with respect
>     EE> to "x" e.g.
>     For a GiNaC object E its derivative with respect to x is obtained by
>   E.diff(x)
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E needs to depend on x. So,

symbol A("A"), x("x");
symbol i_sym("i"), j_sym("j");
idx i(i_sym, 3), j(j_sym, 3);
ex e = indexed(A, i, j);
ex de_dx = e.diff(x);
cout << de_dx << "\n";

returns 0. Thus, what is the way to depend "e" on "x" like undefined functions?

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