[GiNaC-list] Let's all embrace C++11 with the GiNaC 1.7.0 release

Richard B. Kreckel kreckel at in.terlu.de
Sat Apr 30 23:22:33 CEST 2016


A new GiNaC release is out and available. Beginning with this release,
GiNaC will not work with pre-C++11 compilers. The configure script will
try to set the necessary compiler flags for you.

Here's the news summary:

* Make use of C++11 features:
  - Use new language features 'auto', 'nullptr', 'constexpr',
range-based for
    loops, the contextual keyword 'override', static 'noexcept'
operator, etc.
  - Add initializer list ctors for container<>, lst and nested
initializer lists ctor for class matrix.
  - Add many rvalue reference overloads for ctors from std containers.
(Note that whether they really speed up things depends on whether
evaluation leaves the container unchanged or not.)
  - Rvalue reference overloads for ctors from std containers made it
possible to remove the manual 'discardable' hack and std::auto_ptr<T>
for good.
  - New dynallocate<T>(args...) helper functions obsolete manual
allocation on the heap and setting the dynallocated status flag.
  - Got rid of C++98ish algorithm features (bind2nd, etc.) and replaced
them with lambdas.
* Make add::eval(), mul::eval() more careful so they return an
evaluated, canonical expression without compromise.
* Remove 'level' argument of all .eval() methods. This has become
possible by ensuring that add::eval() and mul::eval() evaluate their own
structure without compromise (this was not guaranteed before). If all ex
are evaluated, any object which is an aggregate of such ex will only
ever have to evaluate itself, obsoleting the need for recursing.
* Remove 'level' arguments of all .evalf() and .normal() methods. They
were modeled after the .eval() methods.
* Make relational::rhs() and lhs() nonvirtual.
* Add support for power::info(info_flags::real).
* Add fderivative::derivatives() method.
* Remove broken info_flags::algebraic.
* Remove unmaintained support for Cint.
* Remove unfinished andcode for hash table-based expairseq.
* Remove deprecated ex::to_rational(lst) and ex::to_polynomial(lst).
* ginac-excompiler installs in $LIBEXECDIR now, not in $BINDIR.
* Many minor performance enhancements.

Happy hacking

PS: And to those on ginac-devel I apologize for my git tag abuse.
Richard B. Kreckel

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