[GiNaC-list] Given a formal iterated derivative (GiNaC::fderivative), what actually is it?

Richard B. Kreckel kreckel at in.terlu.de
Mon Apr 11 07:14:36 CEST 2016

Hi Vladimir,

On 04/08/2016 02:08 PM, Vladimir V. Kisil wrote:
>>>>>> On Thu, 7 Apr 2016 17:30:52 +0200, Ricardo Buring <ricardo.buring at gmail.com> said:
>     RB> Now, I would like to obtain the list [0, 0,
>     RB> 0, 1, 1] from the above expression.
>     RB> Could an accessor or some such be implemented
>     RB> so this (basic) operation becomes possible?
>     I am attaching a patch which returns the list of indices of the
>   partial derivatives as op(nops()-1).

Problem with that patch is that it breaks existing code which iterates
over an fderivative object and doesn't expect the extra operand. I think
we should find another way to expose the derivative structure.

All my best,
Richard B. Kreckel

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