[GiNaC-list] little optimization => lots of Memory usage

Cristobal Navarro axischire at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 17:45:37 CEST 2010

Hello everybody,

i've been using ginac for some months and is very optimum,
but recently i've been facing a problem with the amount of memory used to
store some expressions.
i have a linear system of ecuations, with the size of around 8000 elements.

my first approach on building the matrix was use a map<string, ex*> where
each element would correspond to a row element of the matrix.
and all incognints of that row would be inside the expression ex. for a 4x4
system ecuaiton, the storage would be like this

<"certainKey1", ex1* > = B1*symbol2 + A1*symbol1 + D1*symbol4
<"certainKey2", ex2*> = D2*symbol4 + B2*symbol2 + C2*symbol3
<"certainKey3", ex3* > = B3*symbol2 + A3*symbol1 + D3*symbol4 + C3*symbol3
<"certainKey4", ex4*> = A4*symbol1 + B4*symbol2 + C4*symbol3

this method was using an acceptable ammount of memory, around 15% of 32GB
which was pretty good.
the bad side of this approach was that when building the Ginac::matrix, i
had to sort the elements and search each of them on their corresponding row,
additionaly some where hidden because they had coefficient "0", so i had a
list of symbols and on each row i searched for them, in a sorted way using
the "coeff" method that Ginac provides.
But i repeat, this was slow.

The point is that i decided to search for other solution, aiming on reducing
the time needed to build the Ginac::Matrix.
i came with the idea to use map< string, <string, ex> > mapMatrix, which is
actually the matrix but sorted automatically because of the strings which
are the incognits keyCode.
now building the matrix is almost instant, no search needed, and all
elements already sorted.

however, the program is using all the RAM = 32GB when doing the 8000x8000

i checked and rechecked for any memory leak, but havent found any so far,

now the question = why did memory increase so much for just segmenting the
expressions into separated smaller ones??
is they same ammount of terms, just in separated sub-expressions., the ex
object is too expensive??
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