[GiNaC-list] Woe32 build

Rubens Matos rubens.matos at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 03:09:49 CET 2010

Hello to everyone, I'm trying to use the Windows build of ginac,
provided by Alexei Sheplyakov, but my code uses some functions that
are specific from ginac 1.5 and cln 1.3, while he used ginac 1.4.4 and
cln 1.2.2. I've tried to contact him, but without success.

I know that the windows build is not an "official" release, but could
anyone give me some help about how to build windows DLLs of ginac
using the sources?

I am using the Linux build perfectly, but the tool I'm developing also
has a Windows version, so building these DLLs would be very important.

Thank you in advance,

Rubens Matos

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