[GiNaC-list] 1by1 matrix to scalar

Felipe Bordeu felipe.bordeu at ec-nantes.fr
Fri Jun 18 15:06:13 CEST 2010


I have a little problem, I'm dealing functions made of matrix products.

My question is, how can "force"  ginac to convert automatically all the 
1by1 matrices to scalars?.
or do I have to do it manually??

Here is a simple example.

void main2(){
   ex m1=symbolic_matrix(1, 3, "x");
   ex m2=symbolic_matrix(3, 1, "y");

   cout <<  m1 << std::endl;
   cout <<  m2 << std::endl;
   ex m3 = (m1*m2).evalm();
   cout << m3 << std::endl;
   cout << ex_to<matrix>(m3)(0,0)<< std::endl;;
   ex m4 = m3-ex_to<matrix>(m3)(0,0);
   cout << m4 << std::endl;
the output :


the last line "should" be zero ?--



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