[GiNaC-list] Not factoring expression

Richard B. Kreckel kreckel at ginac.de
Mon Feb 16 18:17:31 CET 2009


James Jackson wrote:
> I've just started using GiNaC (and very nice it is too!), however I have 
> some strange behavior with an expression not being simplified. One 
> output of a linear equation solver is the expression:
> (C_2*s^2*L_2*V_1+C_2*L_1*C_1*s^4*L_2*V_1+L_1*C_1*s^2*V_1+V_1)*(1+L_1*C_1*s^2+C_2*L_1*s^2+C_2*L_1*C_1*s^4*L_2+C_2*s^2*L_2)^(-1)*V_1^(-1) 
> What is happening is that the V_1 terms in the first bracket are not 
> being factorised, and therefore no cancellation with the final 
> (V_1)^(-1) term is occuring. All my symbols are created with a 
> SymbolFactory pattern, so I can be sure each V_1 is the same object.
> Can anyone suggest why GiNaC isn't simplifying this to cancel the V_1 
> terms?

The linear solvers don't cancel common factors in numerator and 
denominator. You have to explicitly call normal() on the result in order 
to do that.

Richard B. Kreckel

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