[GiNaC-list] lsolve problem

Diego Conti diego.conti at unimib.it
Tue Feb 19 20:04:52 CET 2008

Hi, thanks for the patch.
>>> But then, wouldn't it be natural to reorganize the code so that 
>>> power::to_rational throws an exception when it is called as
>>> a result of the call to to_rational in fraction_free_elimination?
>> This approach sounds a bit wrong (to put it very mildly).
> One of the reasons why this fix is bad is because it would only be 
> acceptable for the case solve_algo::automatic. But there are several 
> other ways of calling fraction_free_elimination more directly.

I see.

> <snip> It passes our testsuite without noticeable benchmark penalties 
> and it solves Diego's problem. But I haven't done much more thinking 
> and testing. Diego, can you please try if this works as expected for 
> whatever you are doing there?

Yes, as far as I can tell your patch corrects the problem. The code I 
sent earlier is part of a list of computations I have been doing on the 
group SU(3); the sqrt(3) appears in the structure constants. I have 
repeated the calculations after applying your patch, and I have obtained 
consistent results.

Best regards,

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