[GiNaC-list] Exterior algebra tools?

kent-and at simula.no kent-and at simula.no
Thu May 24 10:30:12 CEST 2007

We are working on a Python module built on top of GiNaC that
implements alternating forms etc. The project is in its
early stages, but you can download the development repository with

hg clone http://www.fenics.org/dev/exterior

if you have mercurial (hg) installed.

Kent-Andre Mardal
Simula Research Laboratory

> After finding Maple inflexible and temperamental, I am interested in
> using GiNaC for some computations in exterior differential systems.
> I've read through the documentation fairly carefully, but I haven't seen
> any routines for working with exterior differential forms so far.
> Has anyone written a library to deal with alternating forms, including
> things like wedge-products, exterior differentiation, Lie derivatives
> (via Cartan's formula), and left-hook (inner product with vectors)?
> Thanks,
> Abe Smith
> (Duke University)
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