[GiNaC-list] write access to entries of submatrices [Was: multi index storage of expressions]

Charlls Quarra charlls_quarra at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Feb 20 00:56:30 CET 2007

I just noted that the following write access attempt
will fail:

	matrix foo(1 , 2);
	for (int i=0 ; i< 2 ; i++)
		foo(0,i) = matrix(2,2);
	ex_to<matrix>( foo(0,1) )(1,1) = 34;
	cout << "it was wrote -> " << ex_to<matrix>( foo( 0 ,
1 ) )(1,1) << endl;

i get a compilation error: passing 'const GiNaC::ex'
as 'this' argument of 'GiNaC::ex&
GiNaC::ex::operator=(const GiNaC::ex&)' discards

any idea how to write to the entries of a submatrix in
this way?


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