[GiNaC-list] retrieving wildcard replacements on C++

Chris Dams Chris.Dams at mi.infn.it
Thu Feb 1 11:25:57 CET 2007

Dear Charlls,

On Wed, 31 Jan 2007, Charlls Quarra wrote:

> symbol x("x");
> ex foo = A*pow(x,2) + B*x;
> lst ocurrences;
> foo.find( wild(1)*x , ocurrences ); //the wildcard
> replacement is B
> how would you retrieve the wildcard replacement in
> this case?

In this simple case I would simply divide a list element by x ;-).

In general it is a bit more difficult, but you could use

   cout << "list of wild(1)-replacements:" << endl;
   for (int i=0; i<ocurrences.nops(); ++i)
   {  lst repls;
      ocurrences.op(i).match(wild(1)*x, repls);
      cout << wild(1).subs(repls, subs_options::no_pattern) << endl;

Best wishes,

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