[GiNaC-list] Problem with linking ginac

Sheplyakov Alexei varg at theor.jinr.ru
Mon Nov 6 16:00:14 CET 2006


On Mon, 6 Nov 2006, aravind b wrote:
> however dpkg command gives the following:
> root at 1[/]# dpkg -l libginac-dev
> No packages found matching libginac-dev.

In plain English that means "package libginac-dev is not installed".

> However, in aptitude, libginac shows up in the installed packages.

libginac1.3* contains only shared library, so it is sufficient for
running *already compiled* programs.  But for compiling/linking with
GiNaC you need also libginac-dev.

> As i am using a live dvd, i cannot upgrade or install anything from
> the web.

Technically, this is not true: installing packages on KNOPPIX (and
probably any derived distro) _without remastering_ is possible.
Regular 'aptitude install', 'dpkg -i' work fine.

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