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Fri Jul 7 09:55:55 CEST 2006

> ... However, it is necessary to modify
> src/base/random/ (see the attachment).

Yes, that's one fix I forgot to mention.

> Leaving aside weird format, I don't think staring through diffs of 
> automatically generated files is a good idea.

I find Microsoft's WinDiff (acquired via Symantec/Digital Mars' C++
development system, probably from a Microsoft SDK) to be extremely
useful for quickly examining differences in file versions.  The
differences are highlighted in red (left file) and yellow (right file)
backgrounds; every line that's the same in both files has a white
background.  This format is extremely readable.  I usually write out a
.rtf file as a .txt file using WordPad to input to WinDiff use for this
purpose.  The .rtf format in WordPad allows "highlighting" (boldface &
even other font changes) and avoids a distracting "page jump" when
files are saved.

Richard Haney

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