[GiNaC-list] Re: math-polyglot (fwd)

Chris Dams Chris.Dams at mi.infn.it
Wed Jul 12 18:12:51 CEST 2006

Dear Vladimir and Jens,

@Jens: Yes, I saw it as well. In fact, I already sent correctly packaged
solutions. I also noticed that I completely overlooked the convex-hull
problem. It does not seem to be so difficult to write a function for that,
so if I feel like it I may do that.

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Vladimir V Kisil wrote:

> Daniel Seidel is now working on adding drawing facilities to GiNaC
> (through the Asymptote package) as a part of his summer project. There
> is a hope that the working code will be obtained by the end summer. In
> this case both the parabola and the saddke may be easily drawing.

That sounds like a very good idea. I'm afraid though that they will want
to produce their DVD a bit earlier. Well, when these plotting routines are
ready, I suppose I can always ask whether it can still be included.
> Meanwhile my GiNaC library "cycle" which was announced here about seven
> months ago can draw circles, parabolas and hyperbolas.

I just had a look at it. I suppose I could draw a polynomial from an
object of type cycle with k=1, l=(0,1/2) and a metric of diag(1,0). Is
that right? It strikes me as not really what I would like to show someone
as a way of drawing a function.

> PS Are we allowed to add (or at least suggest) few examples of things
> where GiNaC is good (and other CAS are not), otherwise it looks like a
> misrepresentation.

Not sure. Didn't ask. I agree that the problem set looks a bit random and
really not very interesting.

Best wishes,

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