[GiNaC-list] Re: ginac parsing from string issue

Jens Vollinga vollinga at physik.uni-wuppertal.de
Mon Jul 10 14:39:57 CEST 2006


Sheplyakov Alexei schrieb:
> BTW, we have discussed similar problem with ginac 1.4 tests some time ago
> (see http://www.ginac.de/pipermail/ginac-list/2006-May/000835.html)
> You have (almost) convinced me of the compiler bug...

the latest SVN gcc also breaks. Disabling optimization when compiling 
GiNaC makes the bug vanish (no matter what version).

But the interesting news is: I compiled bison version 2.3 and used it 
for the compilation of GiNaC. That removes the bug also! Before I used 
the installed bison version 1.85.

So my guess is, that bison has some issues with the new gcc 4.1. Can 
anybody reproduce my findings?


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