[GiNaC-list] color objects

mdias at ift.unesp.br mdias at ift.unesp.br
Wed Mar 23 15:10:42 CET 2005

Hi guys,

First, thanks for all help. But now, I would like to know how GiNaC works with
color (non abelian gauge ) field. Supose the object defined  below:
ex e=color_f(a,b,c)*indexed(A,mu,a)*indexed(A,nu,b)*indexed(A,nu,c);
mu,nu are lorentz indices and a,b,c color indices defined like usual (dimension
8). The output is like this:

It only sorts the color_f argument and leaves other objects untouched. My
question is: I have to make a struct to order the objects? Is there a "
canonicalize()" for color objects? Finally is correct this declaration of color
objects or I have to multiply by a color_t($0) each to have a color index?

Thanks for all


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