[GiNaC-list] GiNaC Application: Ecco

Kai Ludwig kai.ludwig at uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Sep 30 10:15:04 CEST 2004

Hi Folks,

thanks to the GiNaC library, we developped
the kinetic facilities of Ecco - A Compiler
for (Electro-)Chemistry.
GiNaC enables the support of so called 'generic
rate laws' that can be used to model any rate
expression for the simulation of chemical
and/or electrochemical reaction kinetics.

Thanks to you all!!



Kai Ludwig
Institut für Organische Chemie
Auf der Morgenstelle 18
72076 Tübingen
Tel.: 07071/29-73049
Mail: kai.ludwig at uni-tuebingen.de

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