power rules

econrad econrad at vt.edu
Sat May 22 06:04:59 CEST 2004

Here's an annoying issue I have: I'm using GiNaC as a symbolic front end for a 
dynamical systems tool I'm building that does alot of numerical bifurcation 
analysis and such (I'm using GiNaC to generate all the symbolic info I need up 
front, translating this into numerical prodedures, and then using LAPACK/BLAS 
and some new continuation algorithms on the what I've generated). Models 
typically have terms like "a*k^n/(p^n+k^n)" in the RHS of the ODEs, where a, 
k, p are real numbers and n is typically an integer. Calculation of the 
jacobian then has terms like -a*k^n*n*p^(n-1)/(p^n+k^n)^2. Problem is, GiNaC 
uses the safe assumption and calculates -a*k^n*n*p^n*(p^n+k^n)^(-2)*p^(-1), 
which introduces a singularity into the derivatives that isn't really there.

I understand the rational behind not automatically making p^n/p^1=p^(n-1) when 
one doesn't know anything about n, but nevertheless, I know that I'll only be 
using a real n>1 (or in any case, I'll only use n that makes this a valid 
reduction). How can I force this power transformation to take place... I'm 
sure I can do some convoluted matching and replacing to get this to work, but 
a user should be able to give an option to "eval" or to "normal" to get this 
operation performed at their own risk, yes? Have I missed something?

Any help would be appreciated.


Emery Conrad
4089 Derring Hall
Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA

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