Problems with order parameter of 'series' method

Jens Vollinga vollinga at
Thu Feb 19 12:53:40 CET 2004


After some bug fixes the new series expansion should work now.
Chris' suggestions made sense (Thanks!) so we changed the scheme so that
the order you give will be the order of the Order function, i.e the
first non-exact term in the series.

On Thu, Feb 19, 2004 at 12:31:59PM +0000, Chris Dams wrote:
> Ok, that seems to have chaned in CVS now. When can the people that really
> live on the edge (i.e., the ones that use the 1.2.0 CVS-version) enjoy the
> benefits of this change? I always thought that introducing new features
> was the thing that happened at 1.2.0?

Well, it doesn't change the interface and is more like a bug-fix (or a
feature-fix ;-)). Since 1.2.0 will not be available tomorrow and I have
software that runs only with 1.1 (not 1.2) I thought it would be the
best to start there. But of course, it will go into 1.2 soon after some
consolidation time.

> With this last change, also the bugs seem to have miraculously
> disappeared. This is just to great to be true... :-)

Sorry, I was hacking like 2 minutes too slow for this reply. But I
appreciate your testing effort. Keep on testing! There might be new
bug to discover ...


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