Problems with linking GiNaC

paul81 at paul81 at
Wed Sep 24 20:53:13 CEST 2003


I'm new to GiNaC. In fact I've just installed the Debian package. But
when I tried to compile the examples given in the section "A Tour of
GiNaC" in the info pages it won't work. The object file is correctly
made; but the linking process just returns a lot of errors.

I used the command 

   g++ $(ginac-config --libs) example.c++

ld returns many error messages (too much to send them). Basicly there
two types. First many messages like

example.o(.text+0x47): In function `main':
: undefined reference to `GiNaC::symbol::symbol[in-charge](std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<
char> > const&)'

And for (I think) every reference in the object file. And second there
also messages like:

/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `cerr'
/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `cln::compare(cln::cl_R const &, cln::cl_R const &)'

(Very much of them, too).

I have checked ginac-config. It seems to report the right
libraries. When I tried static linking some of the messages
disappeared, but only a few.

Can anyone tell me, how I can get those examples run?

Thank in advance,

PS: My systems configuration:
   g++ (GCC) 3.2.3 20030309 (Debian prerelease)
   GiNaC 1.0.11-1 
	(the debian packages: libginac-dev 1.0.11-1 & libginac0 1.0.11-1)
   CLN 1.1.5-1 (Debian: libcln2 1.1.5-1)
   and Debian GNU/Linux 2.4.17

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