GiNaC 1.1 API freeze

Christian Bauer Christian.Bauer at Uni-Mainz.DE
Wed Mar 19 19:37:11 CET 2003


We plan to release GiNaC 1.1.0 by the end of next week. It will become the
new "stable" branch, and any new and exciting experimental stuff will then
go into 1.2. Further development of 1.0.x will be limited to bugfixes.

The idea is to keep the programming interfaces compatible across all
versions of 1.1.x, as it has been the case for 1.0.x, so should there be
anyone who has cause why the current 1.1 CVS should not become the 1.1
release version (suggestions for parameter/return type changes, useful
additional methods etc.), they must speak now or forever hold their peace.


  / Coding on PowerPC and proud of it

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