GiNaC 1.1.1 released

Christian Bauer Christian.Bauer at Uni-Mainz.DE
Wed Jun 18 22:46:02 CEST 2003


With one last-minute bug-fix sneaked in by the ever-helpful Chris Dams,
we'd like to present GiNaC 1.1.1 which is crunchy on the outside but soft
and delicious on the inside:

 - lst (and exprseq) provide iterators for read-only element access. For
   sequential access this is one order faster than using op().
 - Implemented relational::subs() (this was done in 1.0.9 but inadvertently
   omitted from the 1.1 branch).
 - pole_error and do_taylor are available to library users.
 - Added on-line help and Tab-completion for print(), iprint(), print_latex()
   and print_csrc() in ginsh.

Get it from your favorite FTP server:

There's nobody here to drink champagne with, so I can save to money for
buying more C++ books...

Happy computing,

  / Physics is an algorithm

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