GiNaC 1.1.2 now available

Christian Bauer Christian.Bauer at Uni-Mainz.DE
Mon Aug 11 18:58:55 CEST 2003


We haven't had an update in a while, and the radical new features of
GiNaC 1.2 are taking a bit longer, so I've packed up the latest fixes
of the 1.1 line in a nice release: GiNaC 1.1.2

 - Fixed a bug in the unarchiving of sums and products: terms were not
   reordered in a canonical way.
 - Fixed a bug in normal()/numer_denom(): denominator was not made unit
   normal if it was a simple number.
 - Improved the speed of subs() in some cases.

As usual, it's on

For oldskool fans, there's also a GiNaC 1.0.15 that contains the same
two bug fixes.

Christian (who has nearly completed liquefaction; what's the boiling point
of human tissue?)

  / Physics is an algorithm

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